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Seraph Capital Forum is a dynamic network of women investing alongside each other. Our members are typically working executives with experience in a wide variety of industries, including technology, engineering, telecommunications and media, healthcare, consumer goods and services, hospitality, branding and marketing, food and beverage, manufacturing, entertainment, publishing, finance, and law.  Working together, we vet a broad range of investment opportunities.

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Investment targets are early-stage companies which have high growth potential. Our members generally favor companies with a proven track record, and have provided funding to over 40 early-stage companies.

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Recently funded companies

Exo Labs


The Focus Camera helps to create a more engaging learning experience to inspire the next generation of scientists. Just insert it into any microscope and plug in your iPad!

Design Medix


Diseases like malaria kill millions of people each year and cause untold suffering. DesignMedix, Inc. develops drugs to address the rapid rise in drug resistance in multiple diseases.

Deep Domain


Easy to use desktop solutions enable managers, analysts and hospital administrators to instantly access the vital information they need to improve quality and increase efficiency.



You’ve got people to reach. Some are on email. Some available by text. Some are even out of the country. Ivytalk lets you communicate with all of them with just a few clicks.

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